Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ebook Update (IPad, Kindle, and all sorts of good stuff)

Painless has been available as an ebook via Smashwords since January. Smashwords, a leading ebook publisher of independent books, and their site offers the reader one-stop-shopping for all major ereader devices - Kindle (.mobi), EPub (most popular ebook format used in Barnes & Noble Nook to name one), or for Sony Ereader (LRF). Also the popular Stanza ereader app for iPhones. Price ranges for Painless @ Smashwords from $0 to $4.99, and a free preview is available for the first 20% of book.

But for those who prefer to buy ebooks at the specific site for their device, here's a few updates.

Painless is now available on the new Apple IPad through ibookstore. $4.99

Kindle users can now get Painless directly from Amazon site. $4.99

Offered directly through Barnes & Noble site for Nook. $4.99

Also available at Kobo, whose Kobo eReader just partnered with Borders. $4.99

The Ebook world seems to change by the minute. So I will provide constant updates of how that affects Painless. Also, would love to hear any feedback from readers who purchase Painless as an ebook. How does it look in your specific format? Were there any issues in either purchasing it, or how it dispayed on your device?

And for any of you who have no idea what this ebook stuff is all about (like me, when I started this thing) here is a helpful article perfectly titled How to Navigate the Confusing E-Book Landscape.