Friday, June 6, 2014

June Book of Month: The Trials of Max Q

What's it About? Jack Lawson is a career-climbing Manhattan lawyer when his life is hit by tragedy, sending him into a spiral. He moves upstate to the quiet town of Cooperstown, seeking solace. But when a murder rocks the small community, Jack finds himself in the middle of another storm - a sensational trial that people are willing to kill to get the outcome they want. But it's when the trial ends that the story really begins.

What are people saying about it? Have received a lot of great feedback from readers - often hear that it's different from usual thriller or mystery. But as far as tangible reader reviews - it averages over 4 stars at Amazon (11 reviews), Apple (27), AmazonUK (13). Averages 5 stars at Barnes&Noble, but only 4 reviews so sorta a small sample size.

Is that a new cover? It is, thanks for noticing. Always like to update the books, inside and out. I like the original, and it is still used in places, but I think this one better fits the story, especially key elements the story centers around such as the lake and a mysterious women.

Blame it on Grisham: Got hooked on John Grisham books like The Firm, Pelican Brief, and The Rainmaker back in my college days. So always wanted to incorporate some of those legal thriller elements into one of my stories, which Max Q tries to do. But since my only legal knowledge was occasionally watching Law & Order re-runs, I was lucky enough to have to have some smart lawyers read it and make sure I halfway sounded like I knew what I was talking about on those parts. Who says there aren't good lawyers out there!?

20 years ago today! Speaking of trials, it was 20 years ago this month when OJ Simpson was riding around in his white Bronco (time flies! Although, perhaps not for OJ) The trial that ensued wasn't the first trial of the century, or the last, but no matter how much murder, celebrity, salaciousness I tried to put into the trial in this book, it could never top that trial.

Cooperstown!! If you've never spent any time in Cooperstown, New York, I can't recommend it enough (especially in the summer). It's most famous for the Baseball Hall of Fame, but even if you're not into that, it is about as an idyllic of a place you'll find, built around Otsego Lake. It's the last place you'd expect such a murder, which is what I thought made it the perfect place for the book's setting. Also made for a great couple of "research" trips. The people there are great, and were very accommodating in every way, but especially in answering my many annoying questions.

Speaking of research, how did you go about researching Laney Bang and the other adult film actress characters in the book? Um ... I don't understand the question. I'll have to get back to you on that one ... (-:

On that note, The Trials of Max Q is currently available at Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble (see links above) and most online booksellers. It is available both as an eBook and in paperback. If anyone has any questions about the book that I didn't answer, can be reached at email at