Thursday, December 30, 2010

Final Blog Entry of 2010!! New Year's Resolution

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2010 resolution: To get as many people as possible to read Painless.

When asked how many that would be - perhaps influenced by too much champagne, or maybe the sight of Ryan Seacrest as the new Dick Clark just made anything seem possible - I pointed at the zillions celebrating in Times Square and said "that many."

Final results: While I'm sure it didn't meet the Times Square standard, I do have enough numbers and feedback to be able to confirm that a lot of people did read Painless in 2010, and since I have never ever kept a NYears Resolution, I will grade myself on the curve and say it was a successful resolution!

The big question on Jan 1, 2010 was: how could Painless reach potential readers outside of my footprint, especially without the resources of a major publishing house behind the it? And the answer came in the form of Kindles and IPads, and all the ebooks and e-readers that took over the world in 2010. Mainly because of the ebook phenomenon, Painless was able to reach readers from Seattle to Oklahoma to Australia to the UK, and so on. And when it was made free to IPad users, it ended up in the top 10 free downloads for all Apple ebooks and remains #1 in the Mystery & Thriller section. The more traditional print book also grew in 2010, especially thanks to the many who purchased it as Christmas gift this year.

2011 Resolution: To put another book out there for people to read

Final Results: Check back next year!!

Thanks to everyone who supported the book and this blog.
Have a fun (and safe) new years! And wishing you a happy and healthy 2011!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Imagine what his reaction will be like...

when he opens that autographed copy of Painless tomorrow morning. Maybe I should have gone with the video game (-:

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!!!!
and thanks to everyone who didn't "hate books for Christmas" this year

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