Sunday, February 14, 2010

Operation E-Book Drop

I mentioned Painless' inclusion in Operation E-Book Drop within a blurb of the most recent newsletter. It's a program in which authors provide free e-books to soldiers abroad. When I was approached to be involved, I thought it was a great idea and didn't think twice about signing up. But after receiving a couple positive reviews from a few soldiers who had read Painless, and they actually thanked me for being involved in OED, it made me take a closer look at how this single idea of one man so quickly grew into something much larger.

For reasons such as how easily transportable they are, Kindles and other types of e-reader devices have become very popular amongst the many troops stationed abroad. I'm guessing it's not easy to be carrying a pile of the latest hardcovers and paperbacks through the rugged terrain of Afghanistan or Iraq. Which is exactly the thought that sparked author and former military man, Edward C. Patterson, to come up with the idea of Operation E-Book Drop. It started out as a discussion on a Kindleboards Internet messageboard back in September, and now only about 6-months later, Operation E-Book Drop has grown to 351 authors and over 400 titles! How 21st Century is that?

The best part about any really good book is that it sucks you in and truly becomes the Great Escape. So hopefully these books can provide a small window of escapism from the daily rigors of sacrifice for these courageous men and woman, and the tug of being away from their families. And I'm honored that Painless is part of it. Happy reading, and stay safe!