Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Video Killed the...Author?

For those who didn't get the link to the Painless video trailer, I finally figured out how to upload a video to a blog entry.It will be up soon at the Web site and the Book Club @ Facebook.

Can also be found at popular video sharing sites, including:

You Tube, Daily Motion, Trailer Spy, Metacafe

Pertaining to the title, despite rumors of its demise, video never was able to kill the Radio Star (Lady Gaga comes to mind), just as new technologies won't kill the author or the publishing industry, whether that is new ways to read books such as Kindles and IPads, or marketing techniques like book trailers. Some resist the changing landscape, while the Video Generation often searches first for books in places like YouTube. In the end, things like book trailers are just another tool in the toolbox for authors to get their work in front of an ever-evolving audience, and from Shakespeare to Stephen King that's always been the point, right? And even Shakespeare has a book trailer online!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Quick & Painless Newsletter...Cliff Notes Version

For those who didn't receive my recent SPAM...errr...informative email newsletter, below are a few highlights - topics include a link to the new Painless trailer, a free Apple IPad giveaway gone crazy, and some grammatical renovations that will be seen in the near future.

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Painless enters the video age!
Be sure to check out our new book trailer on You Tube.

How Bout Those Apples...
This past summer Painless was the most downloaded "free title" in the Mystery/Thriller category on Apple iBooks (until some guy named James Patterson decided to offer a free sample of his latest book, knocking Painless to #2, where it currently stands) and as high as #8 for all books. Click here to check out the latest status.

This was obviously pretty surprising news to me, to say the least. When the last Q&P newsletter came out, Apple had just introduced the IPAD. For what I thought would be a brief promotion, Painless was offered for free on Apple products, with little expectation. But obviously I underestimated the power of "word of mouth."

Thanks to not just those who downloaded it, but also those who spread the word. And for the the great feedback I've received from those who've read it - Painless has received over 550+ reader ratings (4 star out of 5 average) on iBooks. To put that in perspective, the aforementioned James Patterson's summer blockbuster Private has been rated approx 280 times. While the free offer probably hasn't made the best bottom-line business sense, I don't think there is any way to put a price on having the opportunity to have Painless reach places around the globe I never could've imagined. So the plan is to keep the free offer going for a while longer - so keep taking advantage, Apple users!

Summer Renovations:
In an effort to continually improve the product, I recently had Painless editorially reviewed, with the goal to remove any grammar or proofreading glitches. Thanks to everyone who brought some of these to my attention. And thanks to Hillel at ProEditing and Amber at DogEar Publishing to help make this happen. These adjustments should be seen in the very near future, and only consist of a few structural elements - the story hasn't been altered in any way.