Friday, August 29, 2014

August Book of the Month: The Heritage Paper

What's it about? History changes with each turn of the page!What seems like an innocent school project to trace family history, reveals a dark secret, leaving Veronica Peterson trapped in a mother’s nightmare. Her instincts are to protect her daughter’s safety at any cost, but knows that Maggie might be the only chance to prevent a sequel of the world's worst horror story … and must let her run toward the danger 
Historical thriller: I've always enjoyed adding different style of books to my own. The Trials of MaxQ is inspired by the “legal thriller,” while Kristmas Collins adds the elements of a “Christmas mystery.” So after obviously reading one too many Dan Brown novel a few years back, and possibly a couple drinks, I decided to write a story that mixed my typical style novel and real history. At times I thought I was a researcher more than a writer! So props to those who make a living writing these types of novels. Not to mention, I got some real strange looks from those who took notice of the Nazi/Hitler books strewn throughout my living room. Um ... is there something you want to tell us? 

What people are saying about it? Going out of my comfort zone on this one, it had the biggest potential to be a disaster of any story I've published. So I've been relieved so far that the reader reviews have been promising. The theme seems to be 4-stars. As that's the average review so far at Amazon (21), Amazon UK (23), Barnes & Noble (9), and Apple (10)

Nazi war criminals living in the United States – that's crazy, it's not believable!: Well ...

The "real" Heritage Paper: I did a similar school project as Maggie Peterson, tracing my family history. And while I didn't find any Nazis in my family, it did reveal a lingering mystery. When it came for my two  younger brothers to do the same project, they took mine, swapped out my name, and turned it in as their own ... yet they both received As, while I got a B ... from the same teacher! Why or how that occurred remains a great mystery that even JP Warner couldn't solve!! (-:

The Heritage Paper, is available as an ebook online at Amazon, Barnes &, Apple iTunes, and most online book stores.