Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm going on vacation, what would you recommend for a good beach read?

Sadly(for me), I'm not

The title refers to an encounter I had in a bookstore last week with a woman - who, perhaps thinking I worked there, turned to me and said, "I'm going away for vacation, what would you recommend for a good beach read?"

Doing what any fake store employee would do - I handed her a card for Painless and whispered in between-you-and-me style, "This book is better than anything in here, you can get it from Amazon or go to the author's web site."

She appeared excited about the covert, insider trading info I hooked her up with, and enthusiastically asked, "What's it about?" When I told her, I focused on how it's a run-for-your-life page-turner filled with suspense and intrigue.

Painless is more than a traditional thriller, as it also includes a heart-warming story of redemption and inspiring characters, but I think that sometimes my promotion focuses too much on the "more than" part and gets away from the fact that at it's core, Painless is a Patterson-esque-type thriller meant to entertain. In fact, I've been told by a few readers that after reading the preview they expected a story of a personal journey, and were pleasantly surprised it turned out to be much more...

...such as a perfect beach read!

Beach read musts for me
1. Fast paced: Need to be able to start & finish it on vacay. Turn those pages!
2. Tight: I don't want to read 3 pages of poetic prose about beautiful scenery when I can just look up from the book and observe real life beautiful scenery. Get to the point!
3. Light: As in not too dark. I thought The Lovely Bones was compelling, but doesn't work for me under a palm tree sipping on a Corona.