Saturday, October 31, 2009

Painless Party!!!

And here I thought a Painless Party was when the sixth drink starts to kick in - shows what I know (-:

This great photo comes courtesy of the Turpins, who reside in the suburbs of Chicago. Thanks guys - too funny!

Wishing a HAPPY HALLOWEEN to everyone!

Halloween also means its the one-month anniversary of the "launch" of the book. And since its just as much about the great support its gotten from you, as it is me, Happy Anniversary to us!

And last but never least, today is the sixth birthday of Jackson Thomas Ciccone, which makes no sense, since it seems like he just got here yesterday. Jack is my nephew, one of the great 5-year-old (now 6) baseball players anyone will ever see, and as Carolyn Whitcomb might say - he's got a great imagination, and he's just not gonna apologize for it. Happy Birthday, buddy!