Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Trials of Max Q & The Truant Officer now available in paperback

The Trials of Max Q
When the law ends, the pursuit of justice begins! Cooperstown Village is shocked when the local hero Drew Anderson is accused of killing one of the world's most infamous women. One time legal star, Jack Lawson, and his partner, Jessica Shepherdson, end up with the case that everyone wants to “go away,” and some are willing to go to deadly lengths to make sure it does.

The Truant Officer
Darren McLaughlin thinks he's having a nightmare as he watches his wife being abducted. Things turn for the worse when Darren realizes he didn't know his wife as well as he thought. But he stays true to his marriage vows, and knows he must do anything possible to win the race to save her. The question is: will he get there first, or will death do them part?