Thursday, November 25, 2010


So much thanks to give to all those who took a chance on an unknown book by an even more obscure author this past year! Especially those who:

bought the book, read it, told a friend about it, told lots of friends about it, supported this blog, joined the Derek Ciccone Book Club on Facebook, made Painless one of the most downloaded books on iBooks for Apple, sought me out to speak about the book at their venue or to do a newspaper article on Painless, emailed me feedback, posted a great review of the book anywhere - Amazon, Facebook, Goodreads, or wherever, sent me encouragement, sent me constructive criticism or pointed out a grammatical flaw, had their book club read it, purchased it for a gift for someone, businesses that gave it to clients as a gift, soldiers in Operation Ebook Drop who actually thanked me for providing the book when I really should be thanking them, helped me with all the technological stuff that was way over my head (thx Dirt!), brought the book to school for show & tell for their 2nd grade class, and everyone who asked me when the next one will be coming out and tell me they can't wait!

Happy Thanksgiving!