Monday, August 16, 2010

Painless Gets the Spa Treatment

Reading and relaxation have always gone hand and hand, so I think it was a natural for Painless to partner with the Aetheria Relaxation Spa in New Canaan, where I'm happy to announce the book is now being sold.

We are are always looking for partners and sponsors beyond the traditional book store to promote and/or sell the book, especially organizations that feature an independent spirit and are built on positive word of mouth like Aetheria - traits that Painless strives for and luckily has been able to embody so far.

Aetheria is located in a comfortable Victorian on Cherry Street in downtown New Canaan. And as you might know, New Canaan is a key setting in the story of Painless. It's run by Elizabeth McCarthy, who when she isn't relieving people's stress, is championing great causes and somehow finds time to be on the board of the New Canaan Chamber of Commerce.

To find out more about Aetheria try here, and be sure to check out their great blog called Aetherial Living.